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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Look at their eyes.... so nice..^o^..

There are more to come, stay tune..^_^..



6:54 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Well I gotten this ideal from a forum member jewlreya..^o^..
Attached below is the scan Cawaii Magazines makeups tips that I wanna share with everyone, hope your will like it..^_^..



8:39 PM

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Tips for applying Mineral Make Up

Apply after all your normal skincare. The last step of your skincare should be your sunblock. Make sure your sunblock is completely dry before your start applying Mineral Make Up. Ideally should be at least 15 to 20 mins interval.
  1. PRIMER: Most mineral make up primers are in powder form. Just use face brush to apply using same techniques as loose powder. There are few liquid primers available, usually they would contain silicones (e.g. Lumiere). Try to avoid silicones if you have tendency to clogged pores. But you may have to resort to this if you have very large pores you are trying to conceal.
  2. FOUNDATION POWDER: Use the most dense brush you have, kabuki if possible. Pour small amount of powder into a saucer (like for soy sauce that type), about half centimeter diameter. Dip your brush and pick up a little bit of this and swirl your brush back and forth on the clean surface of the saucer so that the powder is evenly coated on the bristles. Then sweep the brush over your face in circular motions. direction is from hairline inwards to the center of the face rather than from center out. Try to sweep downwards most of the time, rather than upwards (apparently this makes pores less obvious). Wait a while for the colour to show. It may take a few minutes. This is because the powder takes some time to mix with the oils on your skin before the colour can fully "develop".
  3. FINISHING POWDER: Apply this like loose powder.
  4. BRONZER: You can use a slightly darker shade than your normal foundation for this or purchase a bronzer from mineral make up companies. This is not to make you look tanned. It is to help you get some shape on your face, e.g. accentuate cheekbones, make your nose look thinner and sharper. Go to www.youtube.com and watch some videos of how to apply bronzer. You would be surprised it can make a difference to how your make up looks.
  5. BLUSHER: Again you can go to youtube to watch videos. Apply mineral blush very sparingly or you might look like a clown. Recommended brushes are fiber optic brush or angle blush brush for better control of the amount of powder picked up.
  6. CONCEALER: For mineral make up, it is better to apply the powder concealer after foundation, as you would need less concealer and also have a better idea of which areas to cover. Also it won't affect the colour of your foundation so much if you apply it after the foundation. Recommended concealers are from Everyday Minerals. The Intensive range for blemishes and Sunlight for undereye circles. Depending on the colour of your undereye circles, you might need a more peachy coloured undereye concealer. So you may need the peach colour concealer rather than Sunlight or mix Sunlight with multitasking or pick me up pink concealers. For cream concealers, many people use Lumiere's Healing concealer, but note that there is a risk of purging and breakouts from this product, plus the fact that you can't buy samples. Another good cream concealer is from Uglogirl (www.uglogirl.com). But again you can't buy samples. If you are interested in this one, sign up for the newsletter and wait for free shipping offers or discounts.
  7. Final step of mineral make up application is to spray a liquid all over your face (a fine mist only, don't get your face wet). Recommended products are Avene thermal water, Jurlique's Rose toner, Haba's Squadew (for those with dry skin). This helps to set the powder make up on your face.
For Beginners, here are further tips on the foundation appilcation using brush;

1st make sure your face is completely dry, meaning you have to allow some time after your moisturizer and sunblock (ideally 20 mins). Then you have to apply a powder primer (silk powder, pearl powder or other primer). This will help your foundation to go on more smoothly and also helps to dry out your skin in case your moisturizer/sunblock is sticky. DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD on your brush..^o^.. You are not supposed to "RUB" the powder into your skin like 2-way cake. Instead you use light gentle curved strokes from outside of face towards the nose and mouth. You can stroke in circles to buff the powder, but try not to do it too much in case all the dirt and bacteria from your brush also gets embedded into your pores by this over-enthusiastic buffing, which can cause pimples. It helps to dot-dot the powder in many different places before doing the strokes, otherwise the first place your brush touches will get too much powder and will be cakey look there. If you press too hard, the powder will get stuck into your pores and all the fine lines on your face plus the blemishes sad.gif. The lighter your strokes, the more evenly will the powder be spread on your face. You may have to apply another layer if the coverage is not enough, but try not to apply more than 2 layers. It takes some time for the powder to mix with your skin oils before the full colour of the foundation develops on your skin. The lesser your apply, the less cakey it will look and more natural too. If you have blemishes, use concealer rather than heaping on more foundation.
Trouble Shooting Guide

Many girls have trouble with the finish of mineral make up, e.g. too cakey, powder rubbing off easily, etc. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. You applied too much (amount of powder should be only about half to one-third area of a five cent coin or roughly half centimetre diameter for whole face)
  2. You did not exfoliate your skin regularly (so there's flakes of skin on the surface that traps the powder and comes off when you rub)
  3. You did not moisturize your skin well enough
  4. You did not swirl your brush well enough when you dip into the powder. You must swirl the brush on a clean surface so that there's hardly any powder visible on the bristles before putting on your face.
The mineral make up is supposed to mix with your skin's oils so will be very hard to rub off (much harder than rubbing off 2-way cake, liquid foundation, loose powder, pressed powder, etc.)

The most common reason will be number 1 (you applied too much).

Above tips are from a forum member chiaberry..^_^..



11:02 PM

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Hi everyone, as not to confuse your therefore I decided to build another blog only for my spree..^o^.. In further any new spree, updates & etc will be post @ http://rexleespree.blogspot.com/.

Besides, as our gesture of appreciation, we are glad to reward all our customers, by introducing you our Discount Scheme!

So HURRY!!! Join our spree now..^_^..



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