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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Hi everyone JJS spree#4 shipment arrived, total shipping cost NTD990/20 x 1.15 = S$S$56.93/15pcs, each pcs cost S$3.80.

Nick: miffysnowb /self-collection
Item#1 【PF:21040254】Black/Free - 2psc
Item#2 【SP:21030798 】Black/Free - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 3) = S$11.40

Nick: Amplif1er / self-collect
Item#1 【PS:21023234】Blue/Free - 1pc
Item#2 【FK:21023164】Pink/Free - 1pc
Item#3 【PM:21030872】Grey/Small - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 3) = S$11.40

Nick: babeyip / register mail
Item#1 【FC:21023074】Purple/Free - pc
Item#2 【FC:21023009】Yellow/Free - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 2) = S$(7.60 + 4.50) = S$12.10

Nick: scatterbrained / normal mail
Item#1 【PS:31030018】Black/Small - 1pc
Item#2 【FV:21023223】Pink/Free - 1pc
Item#3 【FC:31020084】Grey/Free - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 3) = S$(11.40 + 2.50) = S$13.90

Nick: melonz /self-Collect
Item#1 【FF:21050080】Grey/Free - 1pc
Item#2 【FC:21023259】Green/Free - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 2) = S$7.60

Nick: vickilee89
Item#1 【FD:21023268】replace by 【FD:21023421】Black/Free - 1pc
Item#2 【FD:21023165】Black/Free - 1pc
Total shipping cost = S$(3.80 x 2) = S$7.60 - S$1.73(refund) = S$5.87



11:38 PM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Well if you are feeling hard to live without it and yet you can't your spending during this recession, why not do your own home facials? It will help you to reduce your spending with your beauty, why not?

In fact all salon facial are using techniques which you can really D.I.Y. Just that you don't have someone to massage for you..^o^..

What I do is get a plain yoghurt which acts as your facial mask, as it has properties that can help soften dead skin cells for easy removal. You don't need much of it, just 1 to 2 spoonful will be enough to cover your face. Apply a thin layer over your skin with a brush, massage it in small circular movements after 10 minutes, avoiding if possible the delicate skin around your eyes, then rinse off with warm water. My skin always feels smooth after each.

Don't forget to apply your cleanser, toner and moisturiser after that, good luck & enjoy..^o^..

If you think of saving the cost of the yoghurt..^o^..

By the way, if you wanna save the cost of buying the yoghurt. You may think of DIY yourself..^_^..

Homemade Yoghurt;

1. Buy yoghurt from supermarket
2. Open & eat BUT leave about 1/3 behind.
3. Pour milk into the container & leave it in room temperature (not inside the fridge).
4. Next day ... hurray - more yoghurt!

However, taste will be blend. Anyway it's for face so it's ok..^_^..



11:44 PM

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Wow finally... at last... my Ching's Shoes Spree have closed..^o^.. Due to 1 buyer didn't collect her shoes, well yet till today she still didn't claim her shoes. Therefore I will keep it for my own used..^_^.. Unfortunally I can't wear as the size don't fit me :( Well so decided to sell it at cost price..^_^..

Orange Shoes Size 36 @ S$25.90, interested please email me ya..^_^..



6:23 PM

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Have you ever hear of Inuovi ProLash? If your answer is YES then this contest is a must for you..^o^.. Pretty Beautiful is having a 3 sets of Inuovi ProLash + Liquid Pencil Giveaway!!! You may have a chance to win yourself a pair of Inuovi ProLash, what's more??? Pretty Beautiful also given away a Liquid Pencil which will work wonders together with the lash!
Picture from Pretty Beautiful
So what are you waiting for??? Visit Pretty Beautiful for the contest @ http://prettybeautiful.net/3-sets-of-inuovi-prolash-liquid-pencil-giveaway/..^_^..



11:06 PM

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Sweeties who wanna look chic for yourself during recession? Well why not consider the clothing below without burning your pocket?

Feeling blue during this recession??? Well not get this blue top/dress with white belt which's only S$19.90. Good enough for your day or night, this stylish top looks good with jeans or you it may act as a dress without the bottom.

Dress up any of your plain tops or simply match with a tees on its own with this S$15.90 grey pants. It looks great with heels or flats for your office or shopping.

When it comes to fashion wear it may be safely assumed that nearly every one will have at some items in the color black. It is a color that matches with any other and hence proves very convenient. Black fashion wear is efficient in making people look good. However, there are several other colors and if you have been restricting yourself to black then it is time to get more colorful. Given below are some great combinations for fashion wear that you can seek out the next time you go shopping.

Brown Skirt S$39.90 , Pink top S$15.90

Brown is the next most neutral color after black. A brown skirt or pair of pants with a pink top makes for a nice feminine image.

Navy top S$9.90 and Orange top S$49.90

White and red are the traditional companions of navy blue color. A much fresher and dazzling look may be achieved by combining a navy suit with a orange tank-top or blouse.

Burgundy top S$12.90 and Red top S$9.90

If you are wish for the casual look then put on a pair of jeans and top it off with a burgundy fashion wear and a red sweater.

Charcoal and Yellow Jacket S$29.90

Charcoal is just a small difference from the favorite black, sporting a deep gray shade. Since the color is so close to black it goes well with colors that are cool. However, pairing off charcoal with something bright like charcoal can also produce a great look. Try a yellow top or sweater with a charcoal skirt or pants.

Chocolate Brown Top S$49.90 and Baby Blue

The soft blue tint of the baby blue color suits nearly every one. Try combining a chocolate brown sweater or blazer with a baby blue top. If you are wearing a brown suit then you should try and soften it up with a baby blue knit top or blouse.

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2:25 AM

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Well at last my 花樣年華 shipment arrived..^o^.. In fact it have reach Singapore on 5 May 2009, as I'm not at home therefore I have called them on 7 May'09 to advise SingPost to transfer to IMM branch so that I can do a self-collection. They said it will reach IMM on 12 May'09 after 2pm, however I reach there at 5pm yet the service counter person told me that the package still at the SingPost office which is Paya Lebar. So they deceide to do a transfer again and ask me to collect the next day which is 13 May'09 and you guess what??? I been calling the number they they give me but they didn't answer the phone so I make a trip down on 6pm as it's Wed therefore they closed at 8pm. And you know WHAT? They said the package didn't reach them..^o^.. so I scolded them for wasting my time going for 2 trip and yet the package was still sitting at the head office. So they ask me to leave down my numbers and will call me once they have contact the head office about this issue and finally they called me on thu and said I can collect at IMM but I have no time due to my busy schedule so I advise them to send to me on Sat. The worst thing is on Sat I waited till 12pm yet no one is her to delivery therefore I made a call to SingPost and the service staff said that they have deliver but the office is closed??? What the hell is this? Office is closed? That's my house, which is a HDB flat. I really dunno what the staff is doing, do they really delivery??? So I scold them and wanted them to check and give me an answer by hook or by cook must be Sat or I will make a complaint. So later they call me back and said they will re-arrange them to send to me between 2-6pm...sign...

This is really too much, the SingPost serive have been bad all along and now it have become worst. I have make a feedback to SingPost and hopefully they will take note and work on it to make it better.

Here will like to apologise to my spree-er as they have waited for this shipment nearly 2 months, would like to take this chance to thanks them for been so understanding and supportive.

From my heart,



6:04 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Have not been posting my Fr3b samples ..^o^.. due to my busy work & preparing for my JJS, PayEasy & Wholesale4u spree..^_^..

Well below is what I have been request from and received from Fr3b..^_*..

1 x SANSHO Skin Moisturizing Gel
1 x Sansho Skin Renewal Gel
1 x Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation
1 x Nuteen Oil Control Series

1 x BRTC Whitening & wrinkle repair BB cream
1 x BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm BB Cream SPF20 PA++
1 x Lioele Fresh Sun Screen SPF 45/PA++
1 x Sansho Skin Emollient Essence

1 x L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift White Anti Brown Spot & Anti Wrinkle Essence
1 x La Roche Posay Effaclar K Daily Renewal Fluid for Oily Skin
1 x Ginvera Nutriwhite Marvel Gel And Nutriwhite Lotion
1 x Natural Face Lift series

If you wanna have all this samples, click here to join now..^_^..



8:28 PM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Dresses designs from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan.

Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fashions4u/

Spree will end when we have reach 20pcs or 20 May 2009 (Whichever is earlier)

Internet Banking / ATM transfer
POSB Savings : 126-32309-3
Kindly advise me on Transaction Reference Number after payment made

Exchange Rate = US$1.60 = S$1.00
Shipping Fee = S$3 per units (if have balance will offset the local fee, if not enough will advise you once shipment arrived.)
Handling Fee = S$1.50 per units

1st payment = Item Price(use US$) + shippping fee x 5%(Paypal) + Handling Fee
2nd payment = International Shipping + Local Postage (if any)

(1a) Normal or Registered Postage, will be advised after items arrive. If you choose for normal postage, seller will not be responsible for the lost parcel once it has been mailed out.
(1b) Registered Postage please Add additional S$2.24.

(2) Self-collection: (only @ Bukit Batok)


Order Format
Collection Mode :

Item no. 1 Code :
Item URL:
Col. :
Alternative colour (in case it is oss) :
Qty :
Amt in US$ :

Item no. 2 Code :
Item URL:
Col. :
Alternative colour (in case it is oss) :
Qty :
Amt in US$ :

Total Amount: (Amt in US$) x 1.6(exchange rate) + $3 (shipping) x 5%(paypal) + ($1.50 x no. of units) = S$xx.xx
(Please round up to the nearest cent)

Terms & Conditions:-
1) Shipment usually takes 2 - 4 weeks after order is placed.
2) No cancellation after payment is made. Full refund will be given if items are OOS.
3) I will not be held responsible for missing, defective or erroneous items during shipping, normal mail and any other unusual circumstances.
4) Please understand that these items are purchased overseas; hence, it is very difficult to exchange. I will not be responsible for any complaints / dissatisfaction on product issues.
You may view the forum for updates @



12:36 AM