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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Well at last my 花樣年華 shipment arrived..^o^.. In fact it have reach Singapore on 5 May 2009, as I'm not at home therefore I have called them on 7 May'09 to advise SingPost to transfer to IMM branch so that I can do a self-collection. They said it will reach IMM on 12 May'09 after 2pm, however I reach there at 5pm yet the service counter person told me that the package still at the SingPost office which is Paya Lebar. So they deceide to do a transfer again and ask me to collect the next day which is 13 May'09 and you guess what??? I been calling the number they they give me but they didn't answer the phone so I make a trip down on 6pm as it's Wed therefore they closed at 8pm. And you know WHAT? They said the package didn't reach them..^o^.. so I scolded them for wasting my time going for 2 trip and yet the package was still sitting at the head office. So they ask me to leave down my numbers and will call me once they have contact the head office about this issue and finally they called me on thu and said I can collect at IMM but I have no time due to my busy schedule so I advise them to send to me on Sat. The worst thing is on Sat I waited till 12pm yet no one is her to delivery therefore I made a call to SingPost and the service staff said that they have deliver but the office is closed??? What the hell is this? Office is closed? That's my house, which is a HDB flat. I really dunno what the staff is doing, do they really delivery??? So I scold them and wanted them to check and give me an answer by hook or by cook must be Sat or I will make a complaint. So later they call me back and said they will re-arrange them to send to me between 2-6pm...sign...

This is really too much, the SingPost serive have been bad all along and now it have become worst. I have make a feedback to SingPost and hopefully they will take note and work on it to make it better.

Here will like to apologise to my spree-er as they have waited for this shipment nearly 2 months, would like to take this chance to thanks them for been so understanding and supportive.

From my heart,



6:04 PM