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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Wondering why I have so many samples??? Well I do mostly have these samples but not all, in fact this picture is taken from Viva Woman, if you wanna know what I have gotten so far, just click on the Freebies and you will find out..^o^..

These samples are totally FREE all came from Fr3b, the Singapore's 1st online sampling hub. They give free samples to their members, members can order these free samples from Fr3b whenever they like. All you have to do is to register to become their members, once you are done they will give you 6 points. These points are to allow you to place your orders for the free samples. Well you will say, that's no free lunch... Yep you are right, when I said free which mean only the samples are free yet you still have to bear a small amount for local postage fee. Besides you will have to do some reviewing & surveys of the products that you have requested in order to get yourself more points to get more free samples. But don't worry, you do not have to be a very good reviewer. Just tell what you think of the products will do, like or don't like, the effect and etc. On the other hands the greatest part of this website is that you can also find out others unbiased experiences from other user about the products you maybe interested before trying them out.

What I love is they have alot of BB cream samples and mostly apprear to be very popular now. You can also get hold of the samples like Eucerin, Bio Essence, Ginvera, Vichy, Nivea, Sansho, Maybelline, Lioele, L'Oreal, Amby London and more... items from head to toe..^o^..

Try it before you buy, isn't it GREAT?

Hurry!!! Click here to register now @ Fr3b..^_^..



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